Celebrate the Holidays with a Theme Party

What kind of party are you going to have to celebrate the holidays?  Many people restrict their costume or theme parties to Halloween.  This is a shame, because some of the best times to have a “theme” party are those days around special holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter.  For example, a great idea for a theme party might be to celebrate the start of a new year with a salute to the future by using a Star Wars focus.  Think of how you might hold a New Year’s party serving drinks and snacks in glasses and bowls with Star Wars designs and logos.  How would it look to have your guests wear t-shirts, capes or drinking from cups that bear the images of R2D2, Luke Skywalker, Rey and the rest of the Star Wars community?  You can order these for substantial savings – up to 40% with a Groupon coupon – from the Disney Store on line.

Of course, the future is by no means the only theme you can use for a holiday season party.  Another theme might be one that is about some of the main ideals that the holiday season is all about; namely peace, giving and sharing.  So, one might consider a party for your children that is oriented around them bringing and exchanging gifts.  Attendees may be given gifts that they are then required to exchange with one another as a part of the party activities.  And of course, you will have plenty of games; online and group games available for the entertainment of all.  Gifts might all contain a holiday season theme.  And how many youngsters – or adults, for that matter – would turn down a thermos cup with a Jedi theme?  Bags, pens or tablets are some of the items that come to mind when thinking of great handouts at a holiday theme party.

So use your imagination and be creative.  The holidays offer a great opportunity to encourage your family and friends to relax, enjoy themselves and get a feel for the many different things that the days stand for.  And a great way to achieve that is by holding a gathering or event that gives folks an opportunity to express these ideas while enjoying everyone’s company together.